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Silver Moon Wand

Silver Moon Wand


This magical necklace features a real casted twig adorned with flashy labradorite, a hand sculpted crescent moon, and three little rainbow moonstones. 3 1/2 inches in length and half an inch in width. Hanging from a 16" sterling silver satellite chain. All jewelry comes gift wrapped in a bubble mailer.

Rainbow moonstone is thought to be a magical stone that possesses powerful protective properties and helps its wearer to find their true path in life. It is thought to "bring light" to the otherwise unknown, and thus provide its wearer with insight. Additionally, rainbow moonstone is said to possess the ability to bring out the positive in people and calm overactive minds, bringing peace to its wearer.

All Tourmalines are said to enhance understanding, increase self-confidence and amplify psychic energies. They are told to neutralize negative energies, dispel fear and grief as well as aid in concentration and communication.


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